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Welcome to The Spirit of Herresshof

It's Official, we are comming back to the Hiswa this year! We invite everyone to com to this event and take a look at our boat, probably with the wooden mast on it.

NEWS: The video of The Spirit of Herreshoff is now
available on Youtube. This is a Time-Lapse video that shows you in 5 minutes, the first building days of out boat. Click Here to watch this video.

With this website, we aim to arouse your interest and enthusiasm for our sailing dinghy building project.
The boat that we are building is the “So and So”,  a design made in 1937 by the legendary American yacht designer Lewis Francis Herreshoff.  The simplicity and straightforwardness of his designs in which he omitted superfluous features while maintaining the essential elements demonstrate that he was a true artist.

His father Nathanael Greene Herreshoff was also such a genius. They both aimed for perfection of the naval architecture and engineering. In the book titled “Sensible Cruising Designs by L. Francis Herreshoff, it is stated that the “So and So” was designed for L. Francis’ personal use, but that the boat was never built. 

We think that the concept for the boat was ahead of its time. The materials that were available in 1937 were simply not what we have today.

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